The Honey Bee Initiative
A joint partnership between the School of Business and the College of Science

Increased Bee Activity Not Cause for Alarm: Mason's New Honey Bees May Fly in Numbers in Spring and Summer, but Are Not Prone to Stinging

The roof of the Rappahannock parking deck is now home to an active apiary (a honey bee yard), which serves as a teaching laboratory for educational programs here at Mason. The program and bees are doing well in this expanded location, which was approved by university offices and officials.

During the spring and summer, bees naturally become more active and some colonies look for opportunities to expand. Though the bees may be visible in large numbers and sometimes cluster in a single location, they are not aggressive or prone to stinging during this process. If such activities become a nuisance or if large stable clusters are spotted, please advise the Mason Police Department at x3-2810, or a member of the facilities and grounds staff. They are supportive of the Bee Initiative here at Mason and will contact the bee keeping partners.

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